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“I’m ready to set the bar and do something different…

I see [past cast members] working, but I guess it’s not the kind of jobs I want to be doing.

“She’s this high fashion, intimidating looking person with a warm heart.” As Banks herself graduates to the next phase of her career, she sets Gants out into the world with the weight of ’s legacy pushing her forward, though she’s not keen on reclaiming her post anytime soon.

“I don’t really think so,” Banks responds when asked if she’d ever front the show again.

I wouldn’t say she’s super different from what we’ve had in the past, but I do think she’s going to benefit from what’s at her fingertips, which is this convergence of social media and traditional model.

being black and being curvy made me empathize with people who didn’t fit the cookie cutter,” Banks, who’s long made a priority of featuring models with varying body types, skin conditions (cycle 12 burn victim Tahlia Brookins, cycle 21 vitiligo diagnosee Winnie Harlow), and genders (trans model Isis King launched her career on cycle 11), explains.

You have to be adaptable to : social media, businesses, working with brands, film, music… ” “We’re constantly looking at where the world is and [figuring out] how we can either join it or create new things to stay relevant.

It’s more of a responsible thing than a fashionable thing; it’s like responsible business,” Banks adds.

“I’m hoping that we can continue to be successful where we are.

It’s about watching the ratings, trying to increase them, and getting them to a place where the show can live without me.” While Banks’ 22-cycle run at the head of the series is finished, Gants’ potentially game-changing reign is just getting started.

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’s inaugural season in 2003, the show hawked itself as a producer of legitimate modeling talent, though few fashion superstars have emerged from its ranks.

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