Dating someone out of your comfort zone dating initial attraction last

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Dating someone out of your comfort zone

Staying in our comfort zones can mean never trying new things, never setting big goals, never exploring new places or meeting new people.

If you’re even reading this — a blog about a still pretty revolutionary idea and/or the best life hack ever — you’ve probably had that moment of “waking up” to the idea that you don’t .

One of the ideas that’s having a major moment these days is the notion that we should all be pushing outside of our comfort zones.

If it’s hard to sleep at night without having a plan for financial security, that’s worth knowing.But of course we live in a very different time from that of our ancestors, and that internal alarm system that might once have kept us from wandering unwisely through the jungle at night is the same one that keeps us from taking more metaphorical risks that could, in fact, lead to greater happiness and fulfillment.But that doesn’t mean that our comfort zones are all bad either.Stepping outside our comfort zones helps us: Achieve more — Being willing to stretch ourselves helps us set bigger goals and pursue them despite the challenges that come along.Pursuing FI would not be possible without getting out of our comfort zones.

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The problem with all the comfort zone advice comes not from the general commandment to get outside our comfort zones, but with the specific ways that people might in turn interpret and espouse that advice.

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